The Real Facts About Australian Merino Wool

With only New Zealand as a true contender for the title of the finest merino wool in the world, Australia is proud of its merino wool heritage. For more than two hundred years, Australia has been the leading producer of the finest merino wool that can be purchased.

The Four Main Grades of Australian Merino Wool

The finest garments and products are made with the highest grades of merino wool. There are four distinctive types of merino wool and they are strong, medium, fine and superfine. Each of the sheep that are known to grow these disparate grades of merino wool are bred in order to suit a particular climatic set of circumstances.

Fine and superfine merinos are found in the tablelands of the north and southern regions of New South Wales. Super fine merino wool creates excellent wool of brilliant colors as well as softness that cant be beat.

Medium merino wool giving sheep can be found in Western Australia, Queensland, Victoria and New South Wales. These merino wool sheep are raised for 메이저사이트 their wool first and their meat second.

Strong merino wool are found most often in South and Western Australia and often in the western region of New South...

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